Shush! We're recording.

Shush! We're recording.

A commercial break is like a walk through the supermarket: each brand tries to seduce you to end up in your shopping trolley. Therefore it is extremely important to stand out on the shelves. Not by shouting louder, but with attractive packaging or a good story. Below you will find a few examples. Our YouTube channel features many more.

CD&V - online ad

Choco came up with a new punchline - ‘Waar een wij is, is een weg’(Where there’s a we, there’s a way) - which succinctly summarises the CD&V party’s vision. Everyone has a right to develop themselves and to help someone else do the same because #ikbenwij (I am we)!

To communicate this vision to the general public, choco began by creating an online ad for the Christmas period, which included New Year wishes from the CD&V. The idea was that if everyone shares a bit of warmth, we can make the world a better place. You can see the result below


Trias is an ngo with a clear vision: Trias strengthens and connects groups so that they can stand on their own feet. So no traditional development aid, but structural support on location. In the TV spot (that runs on Een and Canvas from 14 December) we see a close-up of an African woman. As the camera zooms out, we see she has white legs: a metaphor for the food aid that has for long meant that Africa couldn’t stand on its own feet, but was dependent on our food aid. A powerful and striking image.

VLAM egg (Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board – eggs)

Demonstrating that an egg contains so much goodness with a limited budget: this was the mission VLAM assigned us in 2014. We transformed eggs into heroes with animation studio Plan 78. Likeable heroes, naturally. After all, they are still eggs, aren’t they?


The happiness chain

A smile makes a world of difference: this was our conceptual translation of the annual theme 'happiness' for CM, the largest health insurer in Flanders. And thus we produced 'the happiness chain': a commercial that starts with a small smile and subsequently has a major impact. To make this commercial visually interesting, we simply reversed it. Although you can take the word 'simply' with a pinch of salt...


Vlaamse Vereniging Autisme (Flemish Autism Association)

People with autism are hard to get to know: they are simultaneously very close and very distant. We tried to make this issue clear in this commercial, in which a boy appears to be very close by. Or is he...