A 10 out of 10 for atmosphere and ambience at Gero Wonen

A 10 out of 10 for atmosphere and ambience at Gero Wonen

Gero Wonen in Lier specialises in furniture and interiors and really does have something for everyone. But how could this home store distinguish itself from other large home stores in Flanders? They came to choco two years ago for help. Since then, we have created campaigns for them in which they position themselves as Flanders’ most welcoming home store. Because Gero Wonen is known for its warm welcome, customer-mindedness and fun shopping experience in a nice store. And that is precisely how they distinguish themselves from competitors.

Time to renovate your house? Off to Gero!

July is traditionally the sales month at Gero, fortunately! Imagine your dog has chewed through the upholstery on your sofa… that’s the approach Choco came up with in posters to announce the sales at Gero.

They show a cute little dog, which has unfortunately been all too enthusiastic with the sofa covers. With a wink in de headline (‘wOof, the sales are on’), even the most ardent doubters are persuaded: off to Gero!

The poster campaign is supported by Facebook ads and slots on Radio Nostalgie, in the usual format: various slots with an original approach to the letters in Gero.  Go-go-go, off to the sales at Gero! 


Five thousand square meters of sleep comfort: impressive! At Gero, you will find everything for a good night’s rest – unless, of course, your partner elopes with the sheets during the night. With this idea in mind, we created 20 and 8 m² posters which generated the necessary traffic to Gero. During the Super Sleep Weeks, you simply must come to Gero. Sponsored Facebook posts provided online support.

We further ensured a follow-up to our radio campaign, which we started in 2016. The format is the same: in various commercials, we give a creative meaning to the letters in the word Gero. Great, with the G of Gero!

Those Mad Sitting Days are really crazy

From 29 October to 23 November 2016, Gero Wonen is the place to be if you want to take your three-piece suite straight home. An amazing offer, and truly in the spirit of ‘Mad Sitting Days’. We promote this campaign with an image that is just as crazy: a man on a scooter racing home with a three-piece suite on his luggage rack. The image appears on 20 m2 posters, adverts and Facebook. A radio campaign on Nostalgie makes the madness complete.

With the G of Great and the R of radio ads

This year again, we developed a radio campaign, for Radio Nostalgie. We used various ads and the letters of the word Gero to highlight, in an original way, what makes Gero so special. How to find some inspiration for your home? With the G of Gero of course!


For the summer sales, we created ads and posters measuring 20 sq.m. and 8 sq.m. to promote the discounts in the refurbished leather department. Give the jackpot in the store a good turn for a chance to win a set of leather sofas. Good luck!