For Fintro, we are happy to roll up our sleeves

For Fintro, we are happy to roll up our sleeves

The 450 Fintro bank agents exude pure oxygen in their environment and thus help their clients to grow. They have a whole range of products with which to achieve this, of course: from loans and investments to digital portfolio management. Choco provided added value by integrating a coherent line throughout the product campaigns.


Those who invest in a sustainable way are contributing to a better future. You can do this at Fintro with a small starting amount from 30 euro. What’s more, you create a win-win situation with sustainable investment: you win, but so does the world and other people. In other words: we can all achieve this sustainable future together. We have translated the building of a better future into an image of a cycling child that symbolises this future. This is placed in a setting full of sustainable elements, such as forests, windmills and houses with solar panels ... to complete the picture.

colouring drawing has also been made from this picture, which the bank agents can give to their customers, so that their children can colour it in. And that is, of course, a sustainable gift from the bank agent ...

A motor show with two aspects

Fintro gave choco two separate briefings for the Motor Show. It was only logical, because there were two target groups with distinctly different needs. For private consumers, the focus was on loans for environmentally friendly ‘green’ cars, whereas for business consumers, the focus was on the personal approach of the Fintro agents. For the first group, choco drew an analogy by using green toy cars: a handy way to literally show a green car and at the same time make a clear reference to the future.

Fintro offers a wide range of car loans for business clients. Choco highlighted the clarity that consumers can expect from Fintro agents: we see a freelancer in a van in which the windscreen wipers guarantee a clear view. And that’s exactly what Fintro agents guarantee.

Tailored investments with Fintro

Fintro agents have a range of investment options for everyone: whether you know a lot about investing or nothing at all, whether you have a lot of money or not. We have translated the notion of tailored investments into the image of a man who is getting fitted for a suit: a clear reference to the personal approach of Fintro agents.

Who doesn’t want a warm home?

Everyone is familiar with Batibouw – the Belgian trade fair for construction, renovation and home improvement. It makes perfect sense, therefore, that a bank should focus on home loans during this period. Fintro’s briefing focused primarily on the advice offered by agents on financing for energy-saving measures.

Choco came up with an attractive image of a mother and child cosily enjoying their warm home. This represented the double meaning of the word: warm as well as cosy. The headline explained that it is literally a warm product: “Loans for a warm home? I will be happy to tell you about our energy loan”. 

All images are posted, of course, in the offices of the Fintro agents: as posters in windows and also on cash dispenser screens, the Fintro website and social media. 


The Fintro bank agents want to take steps forward together with their customers. They do this by sincerely listening to what a client needs at a certain point in his life. Such as financial backup, for example. For the future, or right now.  To do this, choco has been working on two product campaigns, each of which promotes a specific form of 'consumer finance': instalment loans and the staggered payment of unexpected costs (revolving).

While the first product focuses on customers who have concrete plans for which they need extra financial space, 'revolving' is meant for people who are eager to keep a step ahead of unexpectedly large costs. choco has broadened these different objectives into two campaign images that portray the nature of the product quite literally. 

In the first picture, we show the reverse side of (financial) space:  we see a man and a woman in an armchair that is much too small, accompanied by a gigantic dog that blocks their view. The message is simple: do you need more financial free space? Fill in the reasons yourself ...

In the second picture for ‘revolving’, we see a mischievous girl who is messing about with paint. Unfortunately, a bit too much. Her clothes, the wall and the dog are all covered in paint from head to toe. Who could have seen that coming?