Choco ‘draws’ Caritas International’s campaign

Choco ‘draws’ Caritas International’s campaign

Caritas International and choco thought the start of the new school year was the perfect opportunity to launch a campaign for the children of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Because they really need our help…

Together we drew their future

“Help Fadia draw her future” was the baseline of a poster campaign that will be posted on walls all over Flanders during the entire month of September. We see Fadia in front of a blackboard with a chalk drawing of her classroom on it. The classroom she dreams of, and a dream that can come true with our help. We also conveyed the same message in beautifully animated video banners, by Steven Huybrechts. We touched on topics such as safe transport to and from school, assistance for children to make their homework, and trauma counselling.

A radio ad that will make you crawl into your cellar

The radio ads started from the harsh reality, with the sound of air raid sirens immediately reminding you of the war. But thanks to Caritas and our assistance, this sound is soon replaced with a school bell. Saved by the bell, literally. Hope as a catalyst to counter the negative spiral of war.

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