Corporate is cool

Corporate is cool

Determining and translating your organisation's unique strength into a particular form. That is the challenge in every corporate assignment. We frequently start with DNA coaching, in which we update the brand's essentials with the client. We go on to summarise them in a brand passport and shape them in a logo, baseline, elevator pitch and corporate identity style guide. So that we achieve a coherent, workable and flexible style that affords the brand's identity the right image.

Bond Beter Leefmilieu

Bond Beter Leefmilieu Vlaanderen vzw (BBL; Association for a Better Living Environment Flanders) is the independent federation of over 140 nature and environmental associations in Flanders. Through targeted cooperation and consultation, BBL aims to convince politicians and business leaders of the importance of a bold environmental policy. Once we scrutinised BBL’s DNA, choco developed a logo and baseline, on which the company’s entire corporate style is now based. This was no easy task given that this corporate style needs to cover all subsidiary brands of Bond Beter Leefmilieu. We also came up with the new slogan ‘Leef voor de toekomst’(Live for the Future).

The Shift

The two largest sustainability networks in Belgium decided to join forces. To generate insights into the new positioning of the newly formed organisation choco got all staff involved in a ‘positioning attitude study’. The insights filtered from this were used to create the foundations of the new name, positioning and house style.


The name was known, as were the differentiator and key values. But not the shape: that's why the people from the former CJP happily approached choco. As the successor to the young person's cultural passport, BILL had to be the face of the diversity of young people in our country. We developed a brand concept in which BILL inherently remains BILL, but could have hundreds of faces and colours. Just like the young people it appeals to.



The VREG guides Flemish people through the energy landscape, a complex matter, which affects everyone and therefore requires a comprehensible design. VREG ordered a strategic and coaching project in which we jointly identified its DNA and strategic pillars for internal and external communication. We translated them into a flexible but recognisable, inviting and warm iconic corporate identity.



Zetes is one of the global leaders in automation techniques, such as track&trace and facial recognition. Choco harmonised a multitude of work areas, products and services. We created a brand architecture based on several coaching sessions, brand configurations and strategic brainstorming sessions. This formed the basis for the name and design of the entire marketing portfolio.



The corporate identity switch through which we guided Colora was fundamental. We matched our analyses to extensive market research and positioned Colora as 'the paint store' in a style that afforded the brand a little extra style. A seemingly simple logo reflected this positioning and formed the basis for a corporate identity that was implemented down to the finest details.