Knowing who you are, consistently communicating this and learning from the feedback you receive: this enables you to build valuable relationships that allow you to mutually enhance each other. Choco adopts this principle and applies it to support brands and organisations.

We help brands identify, shape and communicate their own authentic strengths on all levels: when communicating with employees, customers, markets and society. Because it is precisely by building on your relationships in all these areas that you can create genuine appeal.

We translate this in a diverse range of services, in which we use strategic consulting, creative campaigns and coaching as springboards to achieve this goal on every relationship level.

- Advertising: relationship with the target group and market
- Internal communication: relationship with employees
- Corporate communication: relationship with stakeholders & society
- DNA work: identifying and shaping your own strengths


Every Choco employee can become a shareholder and take joint responsibility as an entrepreneur. This has enabled us to build a solid platform of committed professionals in recent years. Concentrating on our common objective and our four company values: commitment, passion, focus and originality.

These also form the basis for our relationships with a close network of specialised external professionals that share our passion and values. They make it possible for us to apply our added value extremely quickly and accurately in the most diverse communication areas.

As a cooperative enterprise choco is a proud member of the International Cooperative Alliance. We also demonstrate our commitment through our membership of Coopkracht the umbrella organisation of people and environmentally friendly cooperatives, and the sustainability network The Shift.


A creative hub also requires cross-pollination: because if you are isolated your view is limited. Therefore everyone is welcome at choco: choirs that rehearse in our offices, cartoonists that sometimes come and stay with us for a while, national and international customers that use our offices as a hub, our partners that spend time here to work on joint projects and so on. It only makes us better at what we do.

We don't just work for our clients, but regularly take our own initiatives to make a small or a major difference: such as our charter for new leadership, our blog and many other activities of which this site offers you a taster.



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