An activation concept for Wereldsolidariteit

An activation concept for Wereldsolidariteit

With #CleaneKleren, Wereldsolidariteitworks to promote the rights of clothing workers in Asia who make your (and our) sport shirts. The conditions in which they are made are atrocious, with 70-hour working weeks for example. Luckily we can join together to do something about that. Yes, this is a call to action!

An activation concept that gives everything

Under the heading #CleaneKleren, Wereldsolidariteit set up an awareness campaign at the end of last year to alert the general public to this issue. Nevertheless, an activation concept was needed to raise the necessary funds to actually do something about this problem on the spot. Choco came up with an answer in the form of a versatile concept: “Give everything for #CleaneKleren!” This heading encompasses all campaigns with which the NGO raises funds now and in the future. With a first campaign wave, Wereldsolidariteit wants to urge people to set up a campaign this autumn under the banner of Music For Life.

Customized advertising

In order to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, Choco came up with a series of concept images showing various examples of people who ‘give everything’. Those images are distributed through social organizations and social media, and can be used to mobilize their members. They inspire people in a fun way to give everything for #CleaneKleren and so urge everyone to set up a campaign. Will you also give everything? Find out what you can do at