A little more understanding for people with autism

A little more understanding for people with autism

A little more understanding for people with autism can make the world a much better place: that was the insight of our campaign for the Flemish Autism Association this year. And showing some understanding is much easier than you think, which is what we set out to demonstrate...

A TV ad that literally shows you how to be more understanding

So how do you go about showing people how to be more understanding? You can start by highlighting the letters of the word understanding in an original manner, for example. That is why we portrayed these letters in ordinary, everyday situations... as if you’d spot them in the flowers that bloom in the grass, or in the French fries on your plate. We had Dries Van Broeck, a Ghent-based motion designer, illustrate six situations. The result looks fresh, playful and dynamic and encourages you to show these letters (and your understanding) and help spread the understanding virus...

You too can help spread the understanding virus

Naturally choco also created a strongly activating section to make sure that everyone helps to spread the understanding virus. On the website of the Flemish Autism Association (VVA) we created the landing page iktoonbegrip.be which is entirely dedicated to the campaign. You can find a whole range of tips there on how to be more understanding for autism or register for an immersion session. Visitors can also find out the stops of the stimulus caravan, which will be travelling across Flanders during the campaign week. In this caravan you can experience for yourself how people with autism perceive the world. For this is the message of the campaign: join us to help spread the understanding virus bit by bit among the people around us.


We transposed this idea into an audio concept for radio, by linking the letters to a trait of people with autism. Warre Borghmans and Koen De Bouw lent their voices for the radio ad, which was recorded in collaboration with Het Geluidshuis.