A new centre for the electrotechnical sector

A new centre for the electrotechnical sector

Complete with new house style, website and campaign. A warm welcome to Volta!
Until recently the Belgian electrotechnical sector had three different points of contact. In early 2015 these were grouped together as Volta. After intense fusion coaching to get all noses pointing in the same direction, choco also provided all the communication material.

Coporate identity

Choco provided the complete corporate identity, starting with the logo. This was subsequently used in the stationery, on the website, and in an above the line campaign.


In order to communicate the new single point of contact and all relevant functions, choco created an advertising campaign, plus a derivative campaign in a smaller format. The campaign shows that there’s a spark between all those in the sector and Volta. Another clear example of a campaign that builds relationships …

Newsletters for Employers and Employees

To keep the entire industry informed of what is going on, we have the Watt and Transfo newsletters. Written and designed by choco, that’s right.