Choose an affordable home loan

Choose an affordable home loan

The Vlaams Woningfonds offers social home loans with very attractive conditions that make buying or renovating so much simpler. Interesting? Absolutely. And yet, there are still a lot of people who don’t call on the Vlaams Woningfonds. But choco intends to change all that…

A local campaign for a local target audience

In certain towns, the Vlaams Woningfonds has strikingly few customers. So, we came up with an advertising campaign that introduces the Vlaams Woningfonds specifically to the residents of these towns. The concept? A campaign with a local slant, adapted specifically to the town in question. Literally so, because we see a man quietly reading his newspaper in his open-air living room, next to a signpost that shows the way to the built-up area of the town. This enabled us to add real value to local advertising. And at the same time address a new target audience.

Specific communications geared to a young target audience

Young parents are also entitled to dream of having their own home. Because they too can borrow money, thanks to the Vlaams Woningfonds. This is why we placed a specific advertisement in ‘Brieven aan Jonge Ouders’ (Letters to Young Parents), the Gezinsbond’s magazine. The concept dovetailed perfectly into the medium and showed a mobile with little houses above a bed. This was our way of encouraging this target audience to visit the Vlaams Woningfonds or to surf to the website.