Online with Tele-Onthaal

Online with Tele-Onthaal

On June 14th, Tele-Onthaal and Choco launched a brand-new online campaign using the hashtag #praaterover (#talkaboutit). It aims to encourage youngsters to talk about their problems and shows them the way to the redesigned and recently extended online support material provided by Tele-Onthaal.

#praaterover (#talkaboutit)

The campaign, via Facebook & Instagram, draws on the typical, happy imagery used by young people on social media. Striking posts with seemingly positive hashtags are enhanced with a second hashtag, which reveals the youngster’s true feelings. For example, #walkingthedog is supplemented with #myonlyfriend, or #wineinthesun with #toforget. Young people are then approached to see whether they would like to share their concerns (where appropriate) with someone. Because talking about these issues is a first step in the right direction.

A new website

This online campaign was initiated following the introduction of a completely new Tele-Onthaal website, which was made possible thanks to support from the Rode Neuzen Fonds. It enabled the organisation to create a modern, user-friendly website based on a responsive design, with an improved mobile chat application. Completely in tune with the digital native generation.

Choco not only developed the strategic plan for the website, but also comprehensively updated the look & feel of the site. Friendly, human, easy to access and welcoming were the key requirements for the layout. Marbles was in charge of the technical implementation.