Speaking of ‘stehrk werk’ (tough job)

Speaking of ‘stehrk werk’ (tough job)

STIHL. The brand has constituted the professional user’s obvious choice for years. It was choco's task to also introduce the brand as an obvious choice to private individuals. We did so by highlighting the inherent power of the brand and making an unambiguous brand promise from it: the 'stehrk werk' (tough job) baseline was born and became the point of reference for measuring all STIHL communication.


The autumn campaign revolves around a leaf blower, which seems a bit too strong for the communication media to contain it: in the various publications it blows away part of the spiel text… On the cover of the brochure, on the window stickers at the tool specialist and on the personalised 20m² posters; same thing! Choco was no holds barred with this one: all locations of the purchased network are 100% tailored to the particular dealers. We determined the two best located posters per dealer and hired those spots. Strohng stuff, or what?

To individuals

We expanded the target group with two intensive radio campaigns per year. The overarching message determined the tone of voice: real guys choose tough equipment. Outdoor posters increased recognition. The tone and style were consistently adapted to the specific target group (Flemish, Walloon and Dutch men experience their gardens in a different way). The result: a huge increase in brand awareness.


To professionals

We bind professional users to the brand using sector-specific advertisements and surprising direct mailings. At the beginning of the year, tree surgeons were tempted down from their trees by a direct mailing they could view on their smartphone.



A brochure with a print run of 600,000, original end-of-year gifts ('stehrk' beer), in-store communication, dealer logos or window stickers: this is just a small selection of the work we perform for STIHL professional traders.