De Standaard Solidariteitsprijs ( De Standaard Solidarity Award)

De Standaard Solidariteitsprijs ( De Standaard Solidarity Award)

With the annual De Standaard Solidarity Award (De Standaard Solidariteitsprijs), De Standaard newspaper provides a forum for NGOs, NPOs and charities. And actually, also for advertising agencies: the best 24 entries receive a full page of free advertising space. Choco participates every year and this has already led to a number of impressive results for different clients.

Vlaamse Vereniging Autisme (Flemish Autism Association)

Asking for understanding for people with autism: this is the goal of the VVA. And our entries in the Standaard Solidarity Award regularly contribute to this: sometimes in a subtle, sometimes in a very bold manner.


Vogelbescherming (Bird protection)

In 2014, Vogelbescherming Vlaanderen (Bird Protection Flanders) asked us to design an entry for them. The theme: people who take a bird of prey into their home under the illusion that it is just a regular pet. We concocted a great idea - sublimely elaborated by the illustrator Joris De Raedt. Oh, yes, and we won the public award with it.