After the attacks in our country in 2016, the Flemish Government asked choco to give tourism in Belgium a positive boost again. So we developed the ShareOurSmile campaign that was launched at Brussels Airport in mid-June 2016.

Share our smile with the world

#ShareOurSmile symbolises the warm hospitality that Flanders extends to every tourist that arrives here. We welcome each and every one of them with a big, warm smile. And what’s more, we also make them smile. The campaign called on employees of the tourism industry and tourists to share their positive experiences with the world. Some of the leading names of the tourism industry called on everyone to participate in our promotional video.

A site for sharing

#ShareOurSmile is promoted with an online campaign, with live events and creative partnerships. Choco created Shareoursmile.be, a website where tourism professionals and tourists can upload their big smile. But choco also developed a content plan to distribute campaign footage throughout the summer.


Taking the campaign to live events is a great way of introducing it to people (and tourists, of course). Event teams will travel up and down the country next month distributing buttons and smile flyers: flyers that stick to your nose and make for a fun smile. We also combine this with travelling photo booths to encourage everyone to share their smile even more.

A successful launch

Finally, we also organise some all-out partner promotions throughout the summer. The kick-off promotion was the launch at Zaventem, with the singer, Milow, welcoming guests while Minister Weyts handed out welcome packs. The arrivals hall of Zaventem also has a permanent information desk and has been decorated with giant posters. Or how to give people a warm welcome!