Radio is a fantastic medium. The reach is good, even with a relatively small budget. You can boost your image as well as your special offers. And above all: you can hog the limelight in a highly creative manner. All good reasons for a brand to choose radio. Below you will find a small selection of our radio work, the complete list can be consulted on soundcloud.

Your Business Is Booming Thanks to Fintro.

Receiving credit at the appropriate time gives your business a boost. This is clearly demonstrated in our radio campaign for Fintro Business. With bells and whistles. Or rather: with hooters and phones.


Five years ago, STIHL was a noble unknown in the radio landscape. Today the 'Stehrk Werk' ‘Du Bon Boulot’ (tough job) base line is virtually a household phrase. We achieved this with two relatively limited radio campaigns a year, which consistently tinkered with the brand's image. And also made it rather amusing.


De Vlaamse Tuinaannemers (Professional Flemish Gardeners)

A garden is rock hard... enjoy: this is the message that we disseminated a few years ago to Professional Flemish Gardeners. Sometimes we allowed customers enjoying themselves to take the floor, sometimes talking plants. And they simply beg for the touch of a professional gardener. Just listen.



With ‘the Garden Constructor-Effect’ as global idea, choco creates a sustainable concept which emphasizes the different results of the work of a garden constructor. A clean garden, sprouting young plants, serenity, shades of colors, just taking a breath or lying down in the soft green grass: there’re plenty of garden constructor effects!

We kicked-off with a huge radio campaign on Radio 1 and Studio Brussels. In different spots, a man and a woman sang about the delights of a garden maintained by a garden constructor. The swinging rockabilly rhythm and the tune “Wees maar zeker, het is echt- het tuinaannemereffect!” are definitely sticking with you. All credits to Het Geluidshuis for the perfect execution.

De Kringwinkel (The thrift shop)

You take your old items to De Kringwinkel. Or you pay it a visit to buy some original items for a song. Together we recycle tons of items in this way every year. To advertise this fact, we recycled jingles from other brands in our commercials for De Kringwinkel. Simple, striking and effective.



AudioNova is your local hearing aid provider. Their friendly audiologists can offer you a wide choice of audio aids to suit your requirements. A humanity and sensitive understanding are the key qualities that inform the company's relationship with its clients. It's this humanity that shines through in our radio campaigns