Are You the Right Person to Join The Force of Mechelen?

Are You the Right Person to Join The Force of Mechelen?

Choco has won the competition for the recruitment campaign of the Mechelen-Willebroek police force. Its aim? Extending the force, with extra attention to the diversity within the team. Since we wanted to appeal to everyone, we came up with a very accessible idea: a parody of the talent hunts as we know them from the Flemish television channels: welcome to The Force of Mechelen-Willebroek!

Let’s Go Social

The main feature of the creation is a social media campaign built around 4 videos, in which actual members of the force, Sven, Lina, Jinnih and Leo, are the leading characters. In each video, one of them acts as a judge of The Force and points potential candidates to a specific talent that can be put to use to join The Force. That way, everyone with the right skills will feel personally addressed.

Watch the other 3 videos here:

- movie Leo

- movie Lina

- movie Sven

Let’s get virtual… and real

To come up with something remarkable on the field as well, choco invented a Virtual Reality action: we shot a film in 3D, to be watched with VR glasses. The film shows a judge who is challenging the viewer to an observation test: you have to follow a ball and afterwards be able to tell the order it is passed on. A first test of your talents. The four members of the jury/force will take the VR film with them on their tour along various locations in Mechelen and Willebroek.

Let’s get virtual… and real

More Tools

With plenty of other tools, we made sure that everyone in Mechelen and Willebroek will be aware of the campaign: posters, patrol van stickers and wall banners will be omnipresent in Mechelen the coming weeks. To make sure that all that talent definitely finds its way to the police.

Watch the press conference here.