Happy Plan Mother’s Day!

Happy Plan Mother’s Day!

Following the ‘I’ve got the Power’ online and television campaign with Koen Wauters at the end of 2017, Plan International België once again engaged the services of Choco for a second campaign series focused on Mother’s Day.

The Mother’s Day theme inspired Choco to give this celebration a Plan format: henceforth all Plan Mothers will be celebrated twice on 13th May, because it will be both Mother’s Day and Plan Mother’s Day for them. And this time even Plan Mothers who don’t have children will be able to participate in the celebrations. After all, joining forces with other Plan Parents they ensure that children and local communities across the globe are given opportunities to fully develop their talents.

2 bouquets + 2 Plan Mothers = 2 Plan Mother's Day Testimonials

To launch this new day of celebration we created four online videos, in conjunction with Crossing Zebra, featuring two real Plan Mothers in the leading parts. Both women receive a beautiful bouquet as a surprise and then explain why they became Plan Parents and how they feel about their Plan Parenthood. The result: two sincere and warm testimonials that encourage viewers in a relaxed manner to become Plan Parents, just like the mothers on screen.

The videos can be accessed in the form of advertising on YouTube and on a Plan Mother’s Day landing page at planinternational.be, or below of course. Matching online banners have also been created to invite people to visit the landing page and become a Plan Parent.