On Our Way to the Organisation of the Future

On Our Way to the Organisation of the Future

Choco launched ‘The Organisation of the Future’ in collaboration with the partners of Quinx and 6 members of the CEO council (Wouter Torfs, Frans Colruyt, Toon Bossuyt, Bart Claes, Joost Callens, Mathi Gijbels). It is a starting movement of like-minded people sharing inspiration and insights regarding business practices, work and life in the 21st century. After all, it is time to work together on sustainable organisation cultures that manage to please people both as an individual and as a group and make them grow. To this end, we have adopted five substantive pillars:

  • Be inspired when you work
  • Always be yourself, totally
  • Power and trust
  • Real partnership
  • The energy of money

Together with 160 Managers in Renaix (Ronse)

On 20 April, we organised a first ‘experience day’ where managers, organisation administrators and a number of interested starters got acquainted with the five pillars. It was a thrilling day full of inspiration and motivation to get started. Not in the least because of the powerful and vulnerable testimonies of the members of the CEO council. To be continued!

For further information and updates: OOTF.be

‘Your work and your life’, book by Krist about the subject

The DNA work and coachings by choco


On 18 May 2018, we carried out inspiration sessions and testimonies with more than 350 people looking for a deeper and more thorough balance between yin and yang. In the first place within ourselves, but also within the organisation in which we work. This was not about a battle of the sexes, quite the contrary. For a whole day, we examined the balance between support and decisiveness, between turning inwards and going outwards, between vulnerability and resilience, between soft values and hard truths.

On the stage we were able to welcome host speakers such as Dominique Leroy (CEO of Proximus) and Gil Renders (co-inspirer of She & Company), who openly shared their yin-yang insights with us.

2nd edition after-film ‘Imagining The Organisation Of The Future’

(Re)-experience how the yin-yang energy really flowed that day, and, who knows, perhaps we may welcome you to the 3rd theme day. To be continued …