Velocitas is now Merluno

Velocitas is now Merluno

Velocitas is a Belgian consultancy agency with a global orientation: they help businesses and organizations use their existing strengths to discover their true market potential and work further from there. And since that just happens to be the same thing that choco does, we were called in to help with the rebranding of Velocitas. We were very happy to help.

In every rebranding operation choco starts from the existing strengths of the brand. Based on this we explore its inherent values, and after a DNA workshop to identify these values we get to work to select a new name. In this case it was Merluno, a direct reference to the magical transformational power at the heart of the consultancy agency.

Powerful branding

To create new branding, choco worked backwards to the very basis of transformational power: the cell. The new logo therefore consists of three organically connected cells. Together these form a Venn diagram showing how something new can arise from two separate parts. Colourful imagery representing the universe, the big bang and cells provides a harmonious background.

Website and launch included

Choco then created the wireframes and the design of the new Merluno site, incorporating all of the house style elements. We also provided support for the launch, which was an appropriately magical event!