Genk acquires a Maypole

Genk acquires a Maypole

The City of Genk is introducing an innovative and sustainable housing project this year, titled Meiboom (Maypole), as part of the LO2020 Masterplan for Sledderlo. Genk approached Choco with respect to the communicative support for this project. Obviously, we were keen to provide the necessary support for this project focused on a smart and responsible approach to the future.

A brand-new urban development concept

What makes this housing project so unique is that the City has only outlined the overall contours of the project and has mainly adopted the role of project manager and negotiator. The actual implementation of individual projects will be guided by the personal ideas and requirements of potential candidates, who may include private individuals, building groups or professional developers. The ultimate aim is for each individual building project to contribute in its own way to the overall result (e.g. by sharing public spaces or focusing on energy efficiency) in order to create a coherent overall development consisting of approximately 300 residential units.

DNA project basis

The development of this green residential area necessitated a carefully considered approach, which is why Choco first defined the relevant values and DNA of the project. The general positioning of the area was decided together with Endeavour, an interdisciplinary team that aims to improve the social value of planning projects.

Name, logo and baseline

This process produced a name, logo and baseline for the project. The name ‘Meiboom’ came easy because of the nearby Meibos and in reference to the symbolism of prosperity in new building projects. The baseline ‘Wonen waar je hart klopt’ (Living where your heart beats) highlights that it is the people rather than the structures that will define the area. Anyone with a heart for a green environment will be able to realise their own individual project here.

A logo displaying a little fox, in which one can also distinguish the different house styles, acts as a sound graphic basis. Because of the various spot colours, the logo can easily be used for diverse target groups, ranging from future private residents to investors and building promoters.

Throughout the project, Choco was also responsible for the development of corporate identity materials, a communication plan aimed at various target groups and the development of a site map, scope of work and website design.