Release your inner Jaguar!

Release your inner Jaguar!

Too many people still believe that a Jaguar is not for them. That’s an incorrect perception, which is countered by the brand itself through the release of the new Jaguar E-PACE: an unconventional model, yet through and through a Jaguar, which attracts new target groups in this manner. The communication assignment of Choco: to generate leads outside the existing customer segment in order to position the car in the market there. ‘Release your inner Jaguar’ was born, because everyone has something of a Jaguar in him or her …

The new E-PACE: made to match

The new Jaguar E-PACE is an exclusive, compact SUV. Extremely versatile, yet surprisingly affordable. To make this clear, we decided to launch a campaign in which everyone can discover his or her match with the E-PACE: because everyone has some ‘touchpoints’ with the Jaguar E-PACE, that’s how versatile it is. An online campaign on Facebook soon appeared to be the obvious choice: this was the ideal way to easily reach a lot of potential drivers in a very short time.

Release your inner Jaguar

The Facebook campaign was given the title ‘Release your inner Jaguar’, and, anyone who links himself to some of the character features on the campaign site will not only be rewarded with his or her personal ‘match’ with the Jaguar E-PACE, but will also have the chance to win a unique driving experience in Corsica …  The ultimate way to get to know the Jaguar E-PACE and discover how well you match this car.