Goodbye Hotel Mama

Goodbye Hotel Mama

We can all use an extra cent. Not for extravagant expenses, but to look forward in a smart way without using up all our savings.


A lot of youngsters who leave the parental nest and look for their first home are faced with huge costs. With Lening Nestverlaters from Fintro, they can pay the major bills, for example for moving and installation costs, without sacrificing their savings. Because they will, of course, need these for the final purchase of their home. And Fintro is then a good choice: a bank they know and who knows them.

Choco based this campaign on a very recognisable name: ‘Hotel Mama’, which is what young people who continue to live at home call their parental home. This image was developed in posters for offices and POS material, for example, sticker sheets for customers planning a move. A symbolic laundry line was also hung in the offices, which, in an amusing way, referred to Hotel Mama, where your laundry is done for you.

The campaign received an extensive online window, which primarily addressed existing customers. Via Facebook ads, we extended Hotel Mama: hotel keys, do not disturb signs and floor mats marked with Hotel Mama paved the way to Fintro’s website.

Not only for young people ...

It goes without saying that Fintro also offers loans that you can use at other moments in your life: from carrying out some major work on your house, to the purchase of an electric bicycle or mobile home. To this end, choco provided an online banner campaign and direct mail to other target groups from Fintro's customer base.

The approach was, of course, always the same: keep your savings for the time that you really need them, and plan to meet your major costs with a loan from someone you can trust. Depending on the target group, choco always developed a different theme: from work on the house to buying an electric bicycle or a mobile home. A customized banner for a customised loan, therefore ...