A soft spot for business clients

A soft spot for business clients

Fintro bank agents focus quite specifically on business clients. Not surprisingly, as they are entrepreneurs themselves and consequently ideal partners for their business clients. Having implemented a general positioning business campaign, we now developed specific product campaigns.

A soft spot, and therefore also a bond

The initial campaign emphasised the bond between a Fintro bank agent and his business client. Such a bond is essential for successful collaboration: the better you know your client, the more you can gear your services to their requirements. An office poster highlights the agreeable contact between the bank agent and his business client. The use of a video enables the bank agent to liven up his presentation. We then focused on various product campaigns, always keeping the same type of business clients in mind: florists and horticultural entrepreneurs.


A bespoke business vehicle?

Fintro bank agents can arrange funding to match any type of business vehicle. The business client concentrates on finding the right vehicle and can then rely on personal advice regarding funding from his Fintro agent. A clear message, with a stylish and striking image.

Or a loan to promote growth?

In a second campaign, we demonstrate that the different kinds of funding offered by Fintro will really give your enterprise a boost. Again, the image focuses on our florist, who is busy repotting a number of plants in her shop: whether it’s by chance or not, but the plants are displaying an attractive growing curve, a symbol for business growth. Evidently, my dear Fintro!