Happy employees, with added benefits for De Voorzorg

Happy employees, with added benefits for De Voorzorg

It goes without saying that an organisation’s strength and image largely depend on the people who work for it. Because De Voorzorg Limburg is only too aware of this, the organisation contacted Choco at the start of 2017 regarding an internal cultural project, focused on creating truly happy employees by updating its mission and values. An internal campaign provided the necessary support and ensured that each employee was committed to the project.  

A bespoke internal cultural project

During the initial phase, Choco joined forces with the management team of De Voorzorg. An extensive DNA workshop was staged to analyse and identify the organisation’s core strengths. This intensive exercise resulted in an updated mission and four new relationship values, the basis for the further development of the cultural project.

All employees of De Voorzorg Limburg were closely involved in the second phase of the project. An internal support campaign gave them the opportunity to become acquainted with the new DNA and provided scope for individual interpretation. The campaign had a dual purpose, i.e. to promote better collaboration and thus clearly communicate the organisation's culture to both customers and the outside world.

During the kick-off meeting, each employee was provided with a set of tools enabling them to spring into action immediately. They included several fun office tools, to remind them of the project on a daily basis, as well as simple and insightful exercises and tips on how to put everything into practice.

Obviously, a launch is only a start. Each team was invited to participate in a cultural workshop to ensure that everyone sang from the same hymn sheet. To keep the project in people’s minds throughout the year, a redesigned intranet site was set up, through which employees can monitor each other’s progress and gain access to tips and tricks every month, in order to continue their investment in mutual cooperation. This online platform is supported by internal mailings to encourage traffic to the new intranet.

Finally, Choco also provides strategic advice on comprehensive internal communication such as the optimisation of various communication flows.