A compliment makes everyone smile

A compliment makes everyone smile

Every compliment, however small, increases our Gross National Happiness Quota. Which is why choco gladly provided its support to the non-profit association Complimentendag, which has been lobbying in favour of giving each other more compliments... And this year, even the Smurfs joined in the fun… 

Always a compliment

Choco developed a comprehensive kit for schools, encouraging teachers and pupils to give each other compliments. With a huge compliment smurf in the playground, teaching materials for teachers and a fun set of 40 original compliment cards allowing teachers to organise a themed week on compliments. And families are also inspired to give compliments with communication at the school gates.

A newspaper, and a compliment please

We also developed a set of compliment cards for the general public. Do you find it difficult to give someone a compliment? Then why not turn to the smurfs for some original input? The sets contain 40 different cards and are available from about 3,000 newsagents all over Belgium. The smurf on the front of the card gives a compliment, and you can add a personal message on the back. Even Grouchy wanted in on the action. So how about you?