Follow the Columbus route!

Follow the Columbus route!

Columbus is a brand-new online tool that was developed for the Flemish Ministry of Education by the Flemish Universities and Colleges Council (VLUHR). The Columbus route gives final-year secondary school students an insight into the process of choosing their study. They discover what is really important when making a choice of future education and career: finding out who you are, what drives you, what your skills are, and what skills you still want to learn.

Logo and corporate identity

Choco started out by developing a logo, around which the corporate identity elements such as sublogos and style features were designed. They constitute the basis for the corporate identity of Columbus, which was first developed in factsheets and a brand-new website.

A new website

Choco designed the wireframes and layout of the website for Columbus on the basis of the corporate identity, while web agency Marbles put in the details. Choco also created a short one-minute animated video to explain the Columbus route to students. The Columbus route will be up and running in February next year. This year the tool will be further promoted among teachers in a Facebook campaign.