Trias helps people stand on their own feet

Trias helps people stand on their own feet

Trias is an ngo with a clear vision: Trias strengthens and connects groups so that they can stand on their own feet. So no traditional development aid, but structural support on location. Task for choco: use this unique position in a striking TV and radio spot and put Trias on the map. And it has been very successful, with the help of production companies Latcho Drom and Het Geluidshuis.

tv spot

In the TV spot (that runs on Een and Canvas from 14 December) we see a close-up of an African woman. As the camera zooms out, we see she has white legs: a metaphor for the food aid that has for long meant that Africa couldn’t stand on its own feet, but was dependent on our food aid. A powerful and striking image.


On the radio too choco made quite a persuasive statement: we first hear some Flemish people giving their short-sighted opinion on development aid, saying that ‘but it’s time that they learnt to take care of themselves out there’. The voice-over then follows on seamlessly: and in fact most people in Africa would like nothing better than to stand on their own feet – and that’s exactly where Trias comes in… Read more about Trias on their site.