P&V is a bit of a maverick on the insurance market. It is a 100% Belgian cooperative (just like choco), enjoying a foundation characterised by solidarity. Therefore each customer is highly involved. And choco ensured that this was clear in all its communication. We did so on all levels: in media campaigns, advisers’ campaigns and corporate campaigns.

Media campaigns

Choco developed radio, TV and print campaigns for P&V. Using minor, human situations the brand proved that insurance can also operate in a compassionate way.


Advisers’ campaigns

Advisers play a very important role at P&V. They represent the (human) link between the customer and the product. Choco was responsible for advisers’ communication for years, which is obviously slightly more product-focused - without engaging in hard selling.


Corporate communication

Choco also streamlined P&V's internal communication. We did so using the values inherent to the brand (as we do for every client). A corporate identity style guide for the advisers, devising a concept for the annual report, designing New Year's cards etc. Very P&V, all choco.