vereniging golfkarton (corrugated cardboard association)

vereniging golfkarton (corrugated cardboard association)

Dressing up communication for a packaging material is something that choco has already been doing for the past five years for the umbrella association of the corrugated cardboard industry. The goal: to ensure that corrugated cardboard is at the forefront of the minds of those responsible for packaging in the retail sector. The resources: displaying the product's diversity, and continuing to hammer home the advantages offered by corrugated cardboard.

Showing the product

Don’t sell yourself, show yourself. A product brochure with a corrugated cardboard cover? Check. An exhibition stand featuring a tree constructed from corrugated cardboard boxes? Sorted. A stool made from corrugated cardboard shaped like a pile of money? Let's do it. The communication we disseminate about corrugated cardboard increasingly demonstrates the possibilities offered by the product.

Hitting the nail on the head

Consistently hammering home a product's main advantages is the basic rule in communication. Corrugated cardboard offers two advantages: the ecological aspect, which convinces the end user and the profitability, which is particularly interesting for the purchasing manager. The right argument at the right time and in the right medium: that's how we ensure that the product appeals to the right people.