New look for the Corrugated Cardboard Association

New look for the Corrugated Cardboard Association

In January 2016, the Belgian and Dutch corrugated cardboard industries joined forces under the name ‘Corrugated Benelux Association’. While CBA redefined the contents, choco as usual took care of the formal and creative aspect.

The basis: a clear and attractive website

The website was converted into an interactive platform for everyone in the retail and packaging industry. Trends and insights find a spot there and are shared, obviously in an attractive packaging. Choco engineered a professional launch in a sponsored LinkedIn and Twitter campaign, and through Google Adwords we ensure that the website is easy to find for anyone who is interested. Site visitors can already register for the digital newsletter, which will be sent out shortly.

Offline campaign material with Mr Corrugated

Later in the year, choco localized the European umbrella campaign of corrugated cardboard manufacturers for the Belgian and Dutch markets. The basis for this campaign is Mr Corrugated, a corrugated cardboard figure that epitomizes the protective properties of corrugated cardboard. Recent studies have shown that fruit and vegetables packed in corrugated cardboard stay fresh for up to three days longer. Choco came up with a symbolic image of Mr Corrugated embracing an apple. The image is used in printed adverts in specialist magazines, at retail and fresh produce fairs, and in online bannering.