10th anniversary of AudioNova: music to your ears

10th anniversary of AudioNova: music to your ears

AudioNova, your local hearing aid centre, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this autumn. They already had a reputation for being welcoming and genuine, but now they also distinguished themselves from the competition with a solid anniversary promotion. And a campaign by choco…

A jubilee campaign on the radio

Your son just announced that he totalled the car… We can see how you would not exactly be overjoyed to hear this. A discount of up to 75% on your second hearing aid? Music to your ears. We used this contrast in our radio campaign to announce AudioNova’s jubilee promotion. Fun radio ads, that are so recognisable, which will definitely strike a note with the target audience. Heard on national radio stations.

TV publicity spot

A brief TV spot shows the pleasant atmosphere in which AudioNova immerses you and ends with the attractive discount which AudioNova offers you. This is how we also immerse viewers in the general atmosphere of AudioNova, and that’s obviously important, because it really is service and client-focus which makes this brand what it is.