The silence of the sword

The silence of the sword

The Silence of the Sword is an intriguing book that will appeal to anyone who wants to gain an insight into designing the economy and the society of tomorrow.
The book provides a great many different types of readers with some food for thought: from the visionary CEO to the man in the street, from the forward-thinking politician to lovers of life. In this story about a young communication specialist they all discover universal truths about creative energy.

The book was written by Krist Pauwels and was partly inspired by Steven Pauwels and Kris Dieltiens. Together they form the writer’s name Art Kristeven. Want to know more or want a sample to look at? Contact

Het verhaal

Cendro Catmaël is a young and successful communications adviser who is thrown into a whirl of intrigues and hidden truths. His compelling journey involves encounters with the present and the past where he unintentionally becomes pivotal in a quest for knowledge, which was coveted throughout the centuries.  Moving through the thoughts of many of the world’s greatest thinkers; Confucius to Shakespeare, Cleopatra to Voltaire, Pericles and Paracelsus, slowly he unravels the mystery of what has linked these and many other protagonists in our civilization throughout history.

Journey through Cendro’s fascinating search and discover old insights, which proffer ideas on how to organise tomorrow’s society and economy in a way that is fruitful for everyone. The Silence of the Sword is a story that began centuries ago, but is relevant and resonant for people in our time.