More than ever, people are in need of someone who really listens to their thoughts and feelings. Tele-Onthaal is an organization which gives us the opportunity to express our concerns in an anonymous way. Volunteers are 24/7 stand-by to receive calls. If it’s easier to write things down, you can talk by chat as well. The lower the barriers, the more we can ventilate our concerns. In short, Tele-Onthaal firmly believes in the power of talking. As relationship builders in communication it’s only logical we supported this initiative, and so we did by elaborating a campaign to put their services in the picture.


You surely know the famous exit icon. But what happens when even the tiny exit man can’t find a way out? Totally discouraged and huddled, he appears on adsposters and banners on the internet. The answer: don’t stay in that endless tunnel of worries and bad feelings, but talk to Tele-Onthaal instead. Together we wíll find an exit. What’s in an icon…

In the media

We launched the new campaign with a press conference at the Flemish parliament, where the members of the Flemish government all saved the number of Tele-Onthaal in their phone. A bunch of famous Flemish people are next: just check the Tele-Onthaal facebook page for regular updates. It’s all about installing the ‘106-reflex’ in the heads of the Flemish People.

Take a look: De Standaard

65 famous Flemings for Tele-Onthaal

Pouring out your heart to someone is never easy, and sometimes an example can help. That is why we asked 65 famous Flemings to share our campaign and be an ambassador of Tele-Onthaal for a day. With this campaign, we try to encourage even more people to call or chat with Tele-Onthaal.

Who is Tele-Onthaal? A quick summary.

Tele-Onthaal asked choco to create a short video as a presentation tool. A quick summary of what Tele-Onthaal does and who we can help. Choco produced a nice video, which Tele-Onthaal will also use to recruit phone operators.

Volunteer recruitment

Every day, over 300 people contact Tele-Onthaal (helpline) in search of an answer. The Tele-Onthaal volunteers often help them a great deal simply by listening to them. That’s why the organisation is always looking for committed volunteers to strengthen their teams. Choco has provided the necessary recruitment material for the general campaign image. 

Would you yourself like to volunteer? If so, visit Tele-Onthaal and don’t hesitate to apply.