Stop violence against girls

Stop violence against girls

With its motto ‘unlock the power of girls’, Plan International has been standing up for girls for several years. To promote equal rights and to stop violence against girls worldwide. Whilst the NGO is setting up specific projects with this in mind, Choco is creating attention-grabbing radio slots together with an online campaign.

A campaign with ‘stopping power’

Issue: there seems to be a widespread lack of awareness of the fact that right across the world girls are abused, assaulted and even murdered. A hard hitting campaign was needed to bring it to the attention of every Belgian: using ‘stopping power’ to stop violence, you could say. Radio and online media offered the right strategic approach, because they constitute a powerful combination of awareness and fund raising.

A radio slot you would rather not listen to

Choco wrote a radio slot in which Koen Wauters relates an account of a girl in Ecuador getting on a bus. Three men sit down near her and start to threaten her. A woman asks Koen to stop his narrative because she doesn’t want to hear it. But the details get worse, until the woman shouts: stop! And that’s what’s needed: violence against girls has to stop, right now. The radio slot raises awareness on the most prominent Flemish and Walloon channels.

An online ‘Halt’

An online feature on Facebook and Instagram is also part of the campaign. The online videos and images for the static posts show a girl shouting ‘Stop’, making a warding off gesture with her hands: a damning indictment as well as a compelling call for support for Plan International. Because violence against girls has to stop. Join in the quest: support Plan International.