Online design

Online design

The online world is constantly evolving. So the message is to keep up: not to be trendy, but to be able to appeal to your target audience via the right channel and in the right way. Below we provide a few online cases that certainly did not miss their objective - because the form is perfectly in tune with the content.

The Columbus Route Online

Columbus is an online tool that gives students in their final year at secondary school an insight into their study choice process. Choco not only provided the corporate style for the project, but also the wireframes and design of the website. Finally, we made a short animation video, showing the students in one minute how the Columbus route works.

A virtual visit to the Bond Zonder Naam

Based on the renewed DNA and the corporate style that evolved from this, we also created a new website for the Bond Zonder Naam. Without any fuss, and with a clear structure. However, as befits BZN: right from the heart.

Corrugated Benelux Association

CBA joins the forces of the corrugated cardboard manufacturers in the Benelux and has been a choco customer for some time. The latest testimony of our skills is a completely new website that focuses on the product in a clear and attractive way. Choco also delivers the content for the website by frequently posting facts and updates for the retail and logistics industry. A renewable website, like the product itself.

True baking expertise

A new positioning slogan for the artisan bakers needs a new site to support this position. Visitors to the discover the trump cards of the artisan bakers and the substance of ‘echt bakmanschap’(true baking expertise).


Manpower, Manpower Group, Experis… this international player has many subdivisions and related sites. For each site choco created a specific design based on its corporate identity. So we guaranteed uniformity and recognition, while the sub-brands retained their individuality. /

Vlaamse Havendag (Flemish Ports Day)

There is a lot to experience at the four Flemish seaports on Flemish Ports Day. An online platform where you could find all these activities was therefore a vital component of the campaign - and one for which we pulled out all the stops.

Huis voor Gezondheid (House for Health) guides Brussels residents through the care landscape. Choco designed a site with three separate sections, one for each target group (students, care providers and the general public). A specific support colour for each section makes the site user friendly for the visitor.


The Hendrikshuis in Hasselt is the ultimate hot spot for shopping for design and unique items. To highlight this unique character, choco created a unique site. It is updated every day with an item that is available in the store. This means we can guarantee a constantly evolving site.