The cosiest mobile home in the country

The cosiest mobile home in the country

Mistral Home, the Belgian manufacturer of high quality bedding and table linen, goes 100% for a stylish, warm and cosy home.And choco has been joining in for years: following previous radio, television, print and online campaigns, we are now joining forces in a competition that is literally running like clockwork on wheels…

Experience on tour

Bringing your product to the consumer, enabling them to discover the added value of the product for themselves: that was exactly our plan this spring with Mistral Home,when we decorated a mobile home entirely with Mistral Home products:cushions, blankets, sheets and a stylish tablecloth.This mobile home is touring the country this spring, visiting several sales outlets and calling in at a number of Flemish shopping streets.Anyone interested can come in and take a look.But only for a minute…

60 seconds in 360°

Each visitor has literally one minute to discover all the various Mistral Home logos in the mobile home.You can also take part online thanks to a 360° experience of the mobile home.The winner will be able to use the mobile home for ten whole days:talk about a brand experience.The campaign has also been extended with an online link on social media.