An original campaign for an unusual bank

An original campaign for an unusual bank

450 independent bank agents who have secured a unique position in the banking landscape: that calls for an equally original image campaign. Or: how choco promoted a unique brand identity with contemporary flare.

A campaign for and by people

Fintro bank agents go a long way for their clients: with their products and expertise, they ensure that the people in their entourage are able to advance in their private or work life and to thus breathe oxygen and life into others. This is what we demonstrate in our campaign: people who make a difference in their entourage, who listen to each other, who make an effort for others and give their all for the team. They symbolise the unique strength of Fintro bank agents, who also listen to their clients and do all in their power for them.

Fintro says YES: for people who say yes to each other

We made documentary films of a number of unique projects taking place all over Belgium. Associations that are selfless in their actions, entrepreneurs with a unique, binding vision, private individuals who help others to develop and grow. In short: people who give their all for each other. Real people, who deserve the YES from Fintro, a certificate that validates them and inspires others.

All the films can be viewed on the site – a platform that continues to spread the message, thanks to contributions from Fintro bank agents. They provide new projects that are given their own space on the site featuring their documentary films.

A campaign spot that triggers action

Three projects took the lead role in a TV spot that encourages people to visit the site. In order to ensure that the spot hits its mark, we zoomed in on a big YES for each project: for instance, in the shots of a workshop, we see a big YES in sheet metal between the machines. The music gives the spot a contemporary and unique feel. We made 30” and 10” versions, and all the spots will be aired during the spring and the autumn on most Flemish and Walloon TV channels (VTM, Q2, Vitaya, Caz, Vier, Vijf, Zes, Discovery, RTL, Club, Plug, La Une, La Deux, AB3, TF1).

Generating traffic to Fintro bank agents

In order to ensure that the campaign generates more traffic to Fintro bank agents, we also made office posters with stills from the TV spot. A strong online campaign completes the picture.