All building starts with people

All building starts with people

Giving a strong construction company that knows exactly what it stands for a more identifiable face: Durabrik contacted choco in 2015 with this assignment. During a positioning process, we reviewed the brand’s DNA and corporate style. The outcome? An elegant corporate identity and a powerful brand positioning with the following baseline: “Bouwen begint bij mensen” (All building starts with people).

Durabrik now clearly shows how important human values, commitments and customer relations are for the company. The next step? Creating an extensive, tailored, human image campaign. Choco & Durabrik will become “ik & Durabrik” or “Me & Durabrik”.

Image Building Starts on the… Radio

Durabrik is a construction company with an interest in people: both customers and employees are the basis of the brand. Using the motto ‘building starts with people’ to position themselves was therefore a rather evident choice for choco. This positioning is also the guideline for the radio campaign. In the campaign, we hear people enjoying their new home: they are having a lie-in, or they are giving a solid housewarming party. Meanwhile, they are explaining how it all ‘started’ with Durabrik: they use only one sentence, with each phase in the building process being linked to the previous one with the word ‘starts’. Eventually they end up – what did you expect – with people… Or rather: with Durabrik.

A series of special portraits for an equally special construction company

Under the new positioning, this special relationship between Durabrik and its customers now also has a face. More than one, in fact. Portraits of customers and Durabrik employees blend in with each other on 8 and 20 sq.m. posters along Belgian roads, with the campaign baseline “Ik & Durabrik”. These are all real people who volunteered to have their portrait taken. The photographer was Douglas Moors, who did a great job merging these campaign images into one. And most importantly: no Photoshop allowed!

Real people, real stories

The real people behind “Ik & Durabrik” also have real stories to tell. These are told in an online spin-off of the campaign. You can learn more about the experience of Julien (client) and Bart (a foreman) through Facebook notes, video advertising on YouTube, Google Display Ads and at Together, they built the perfect solution for Julien’s mother.

You need people to build: a baseline that is simply the truth.

10 ads a week? Of course!

A construction company like Durabrik generates a number of projects each month. To promote all of them, choco provides Durabrik with a number of ads each week. Each of them created in line with the overall DNA, with an eye for detail and the corporate style. To be admired in numerous local newspapers, all over the country, all year round.