A construction company with a focus on people? That’s Durabrik

A construction company with a focus on people? That’s Durabrik

Over a number of campaigns, choco has been building the image of Durabrik, a Belgian construction company that emphasizes the human aspect in the building process. For this we use a concept that highlights the unique and solid relationship that Durabrik has with its customers.

A poster campaign at branding level

If there is one construction company that invests fully in humanity, it’s Durabrik. This humanity is at the centre of our poster campaign: we show happy customers posing in a little blue house. This house, which we had tailor-made, is an enlarged version of Durabrik’s logo. It is a powerful visualization of the relationship between the customer and Durabrik, beautifully worked out by the photographer Douglas Moors. The posters have been put up in Flanders and Walloon Brabant, and the little house will also be used at a number of trade fairs and events.

An in-depth online section

Obviously Durabrik’s human approach is not just empty rhetoric, but is based on seven commitments. Those commitments ensure a constructive partnership in every stage of the building process so that a perfect end result is achieved. That is why in our online campaign (Facebook and bannering) we have even more customers posing in the house: they all have their personal story to tell as living proof of the commitments. An animated version even shows a little bird landing on the house...