Our Hospitality Contributes to Your Happiness

Our Hospitality Contributes to Your Happiness

Hospitality: it may seem obvious in the tourism sector (and catering industry in particular), but it isn’t always the case, especially for people with a disability or families with children. That is why choco, on behalf of Toerisme Vlaanderen, developed a tool that provides catering businesses with the necessary tools, tips and tricks to show more hospitality.

A Top Chef as Ambassador

Gert de Mangeleer of the three-star restaurant, Hertog Jan, gladly puts his back into this project: “the campaign offers managers and staff insight into the way people with a disability experience their visit to a café or restaurant. It also offers a lot of practical tips to turn it into a successful experience. Really, with some small interventions, you can already change a lot.”

Tips from Real Life

These small interventions are illustrated in real life: in a few videos, managers tell us how they tackle the problem. It is mostly about small things, such as offering a menu with large print type, accompanying people to their seat, making proper eye contact or just acting normal. Christophe, the deaf manager of soup bar Sordo in Ghent, even gives a quick course in sign language.

The other video can be seen on the website.

A Successful Website and Remarkable Launch

Choco developed a subsite on wijgastvrij.be to gather all the tips and testimonies and where catering managers and employees will find some free tools and downloads, such as lovely place mats and a number of brochures. Choco was also in charge of the press event, where minister Ben Weyts and top chef Gert de Mangeleer experienced what it is like to dine as a blind person. The result: a lot of media attention and a successful launch of the campaign…