Choco rejuvenates Bond zonder Naam

Choco rejuvenates Bond zonder Naam

Bond zonder Naam is a household word in Flanders, just like the maxim it all began with 50 years ago: ‘Change the world, start with yourself. But this organisation is more than just a messenger of beautiful words.  For years, BZN has been trying to bring the best out of people in order to make our society a little warmer. After all these years, it was time to update the style and communication of the brand. This is why Bond zonder Naam visited choco for an extensive DNA trajectory early this year.


Throughout various DNA-coaching sessions, choco returned to the purity that is at the foundation of Bond zonder Naam. The culture of the heart, as stated by founder Phil Bosmans, has become the fundament of a renewed DNA. The appropriate new baseline is now ‘From the heart’. Choco simultaneously took on the whole communication structure of Bond zonder Naam. This is because BZN consists of many sub-brands, such as Stiltehoeve and Kansenhuis, which all had to be given their unique place in the whole.

A completely new brand look

Based on this repositioning exercise, choco created a completely new branding for Bond zonder Naam. This branding will now be applied to all stationery, in the new maxims, in digital mailings and in a brand-new subscription magazine that is circulated via a DM every two months. Naturally, the Bond zonder Naam website and e-shop were renewed from head to toe as well. We’ll continue the cooperation with BZN next year, with a number of communication actions.

Come in and take a seat

The sayings of BZN are well established in many Flemish homes. They have been around since 1958, and have been a source of inspiration and comfort to many. They are also simply fun to have in your home. The sayings have been revamped with fresh colours and a clear message. For example, ‘Come in and take a seat’ is the first in the new corporate identity. BZN wants the sayings to catch the eye even more by circulating them in the form of heart-warming e-cards. Behind every saying there is a real story. You can read those in the magazine.

A gift from the heart

The festive season is the perfect occasion to turn the spotlight on the refurbished BZN online shop. This is done by launching a Facebook campaign – the first in line with their updated DNA and communication style. The proceeds of their sales go entirely to their projects for a more caring society. It’s truly Christmas for everyone.