Dare to think, think, think.

Dare to think, think, think.

Creating advertising campaigns involves thinking. Creating advertising campaigns for a university means thinking even harder. For several years, we racked our brains about the campaigns for Ghent University. And with a credo like 'dare to think' the bar is relatively high. The result: bold yet relevant ideas. Including a visit to Moscow.

Internal communication: alumni and employees

UGent counts more that 40,000 students and almost 10,000 employees. This also requires streamlined internal communication, which always follows the line of 'dare to think'. Choco created, for example, well-thought-out Christmas cards, welcome packages with stimulating brain cookies and smart concepts to reinforce the link between UGent and its alumni. Upon their departure and directly afterwards with a direct mailing.


We thought about (future) students

DeThe basic requirement for studying at UGent is to ‘dare to think’. So we created a campaign to make future students… think, specifically about their choice of university. Which would be the best, and why? The university of Ghent? Or Leuven? Or… how about Moscow? It was a daring idea, which generated considerable impact thanks to its relevance. And gave our copywriter a return trip to Moscow.

Dare to be interactive

Today, apps and social media are a vital component of your average communication mix. This was rather different a few years ago. UGent performed groundbreaking work using a photo app, which encouraged students to reflect on images and photos. And that encouraged us to think in a more interactive manner.